Sunday, July 31, 2011

Interesting day

As I was driving to church this morning, I saw a big, burley man riding a motorcycle in front of me. He looked like the kind of guy who beats people up in the movies, very large, very intimidating, and very rough. As we came up on a stop light, he stopped and put his feet on the ground. It was then that I noticed his shoes.
 Yup, he was wearing sketchers shape ups. It's good to know that women aren't the only ones worried about their figures.

After church I decided to hit the gym (Yay! Go me!). As I was using the weight machines, I started talking with a lady named Fern. We didn't talk for long, but we both left around the same time. When I left the gym, I stopped by Panera to grab some food. While waiting in line, I turned and Fern was in the line next to me! We excitedly said hello again, and asked how each others workout went. We then decided to stay and eat in the restaurant. It was very fun having such a random meeting, and having it turn into lunch plans. Fern has lived all over the country working for design companies. She is now designing her own line of hand bags that she hopes will be sold in stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue. If you ever happen to see a hand bag from the Charlotte James Collection, that would be a hand bag designed by Fern.

Now I am at home, studying for the GRE and packing for Utah (YAY!), waiting to get a call telling me whether or not I got a nannying position I've applied for. This job is absolutely amazing! I would be the nanny for an adorable 8 year old girl in Salt Lake City. I would get her up in the morning, make her breakfast and lunch, and then wait with her until the bus picks her up. Unless she is sick, comes home early, or has a day off of school, I will have 7:30 am - 4 pm to myself. At 4, the bus drops her off. I will make a snack, help her with her homework, and make her dinner. After her mother comes home (usually around 7 pm) I have the rest of the night to myself. I also have weekends off, unless the mother is on-call. I am so excited about this job! I have met the little girl over skype, and she seems very sweet, and very funny. I really hope I get it! I should be finding out in a couple hours. Wish me luck!!

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