Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tie Dye Frosting: Attempt #1

   Last night, Hannele made amazing homemade frosting; it had the texture of pure silk, and tasted soooo gooood!!! I am forever ruined; after having homemade frosting, I will never buy frosting from the store again! Anywho, she made the frosting so we could practice making tie dyed frosting for Madeline's birthday cake on Saturday. She made green, purple and blue frosting - the frosting looked great after we did the design! I think the cake is going to be pretty epic :) After we finished practicing with the tie dye, Hannele, Madeline and I ate the left over colored frosting. After eating the rest, we noticed that all of our mouths were dyed blue! Hannele had put a bit too much of the blue dye into the frosting - Madeline's mouth was the worst, even her teeth were dark blue! Enjoy our colorful pics! 

   Ps, I am putting the frosting recipe on here as well, you guys have got to try it, it is amazing!

Our attempt at tie-dyed frosting; I thought it turned out quite nicely :)

 I think Madeline wins in the blue tongue contest :)


  1. That frosting looks great!! Not so sure about the blue tongues! :) Ha! What fun!

  2. Madeleine looks a little like Hermione!