Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Madeline!

Saturday night was Madeline's birthday party - it was so much fun! She invited three friends over, but three grandparents, two former nanny's and Hannele's boyfriend were also in attendance. For the party, we tie dyed shirts, made duct tape wallets, pinned the smiley on the smiley face (see picture below), had pizza, had tie dye cake (quite impressive if I do say so myself), opened presents, and hit a piñata. Over all it was a great day, and Madeline had a wonderful birthday!! Here are some pics, enjoy! :)

Party decorations

 For this game, each person has their own smiley. The person who places their smiley closest to the smiley on the face is the winner. 

 Very proud of this tie dye cake :)
 Close up
 Madeline decided to fix my computer's boring decoration by adding a few more stickers :)
 Madeline and Maya, about to tie dye t-shirts!
 I got a little excited about the swirly candles lol...

 Birthday table!!
 Making duct tape wallets
From left to right: Kenzi, Madeline, Maya, and Sarah in the back
Playing with presents after the party :)

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