Friday, October 28, 2011

Update, finally!!

So a lot has happened since I last posted on here.
1) I went camping in Moab! And though I still feel as though I was not made to go camping, I had a really good time :)
2) I am not volunteering at the counseling center at East High School! I am hoping this will look wonderful on my resume and help me get into grad school.
3) I visited Angela in California!!! It was so much fun!!! I flew into Vegas, and we drove straight to her house (which is very cute!). There we had a wonderful dinner made by Angela, and watched Rango (really odd movie). Saturday we woke up early and drove to Las Angeles, where Angela bought me a facial and a body wrap; it was soooo amazingly relaxing!! Thank you Angela!! After the body wrap, we went to a Wolfgang Puck restaurant (so yummy!) and then went to the very first cupcake bakery in the United States. There, Angela and Eamon bought $80 dollars worth of cupcakes!!! Yes, you read right, $80!!! I still think that's completely insane, in a very loving way ;) Sunday, Angela and I went to a Max Brenner restaurant where we  had amazing chocolate drinks and very tasty food!! After, we walked around the Caesars Palace, and I found an absolutely gorgeous citrine ring at Tiffany's. I was sad to leave, it was a fantastic weekend :)
4) I accidentally dropped my cell phone in the toilet about 2 weeks ago, and so I now have a new phone!! I got a Samsung Infuse (picture below). I had a blackberry torch, but it was a bit too fragile to be my phone - I need a phone that can take a beating lol.

5) I bought a sapphire ring!! It is so gorgeous :) I got it at Kay Jewelers, and I just love it :) Next will be citrine, though sadly not the one at Tiffany's lol.
6) I have applied as a non-degree seeking student at the University of Utah for next spring! I should hear back soon, hopefully they'll let me in so I can take a couple classes :) Grad school is the next step! So excited!!

I think that's about it for updates, hope you're all doing well!!

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