Sunday, June 19, 2011

Confessions of a Cripple

So here's the dealio...
    Earlier this summer, while running around a reservoir in town, I tripped in a sand pit and sprained my ankle. It has taken a while to heal, but I can officially say (thankfully/finally) that my sprained ankle is now completely healed!!! However, I am not out the injury woods just yet. When the swelling of my ankle had dissipated, and the pain was no more, I noticed the middle outside/bottom of my foot was quite swollen, and painful to walk on. I hadn't noticed it before because I assumed the swelling and the pain were from my ankle. After talking to my physical therapist and doing some research online, it was concluded that I have have a fracture on my 5th metatarsal bone in my right foot. This is a tad more serious than a sprain since it is a bone injury, and it could take longer to heal; the therapist said between 2 and 8 more weeks in the boot depending on how fast it heals. Unfortunately, this puts me out of my exercise routine for the rest of the summer. Because of this, I am now going to focus all my time and energy on a new eating plan, 90% fruits and vegetables, 10% other. I am working on the details as we speak, but that is the gist of this new eating plan. I will keep you updated, but wish me luck!!
    In other news, yesterday I was able to go to lunch with Mom, Ashley, and Gramie. We went to lunch at Olive Garden, where I ran into a couple of old friends from high school! It was wonderful to see them after such a long time! It felt a little odd to see them as well though - all I had of these friends were the memories of when we were in high school together, it was weird seeing them all grown up and adult-like because I don't feel like I'm an adult at all even though we're the same age.
    After Olive Garden, we stopped at Steinmart so Gramie could look around at a couple things. She bought me a beautiful purple dress as a birthday present! I just love it! I actually wore it today for church :D I also bought a new ring!! It is a gorgeous, massive, cubic zirconia citrine and diamond ring. It is just beautiful!! A tad ostentatious, but that's kind of my style when it comes to rings. It sparkles so beautifully in the sunlight - I can't talk to anybody without getting distracted haha.
    Finally, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! I truly have the best father in the world and am so happy/proud/blessed/lucky to have him!! I hope you had a wonderful day Dad!! Love you so much!!!

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