Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's My Age Again??

So here's the dealio...
I work as a hostess in a nice restaurant in town. The food is quite expensive, but once you taste it, you understand it is well worth the price. The chef's are geniuses! Anyways, I get there early so I can help set up and clean up my station before the customers start arriving. Yesterday, I was helping some of the waiters wipe down the chairs in the dining room. One of the waiters mentioned he had just returned from a beach trip to Wilmington. Another waiter asked, "Isn't there a school down there?"
I chimed in at this point, "Yea, UNCW is down there. I just graduated from there actually." At that moment, all the waiters stopped what they were doing and looked at many with very confused looks on their faces. "You just graduated from where?"
"UNCW, I just moved back here in May."
Their faces went from confusion to complete shock. "How old are you?"
"23" I said timidly, their shock filled eyes bearing down on me.
"You're 23?! I thought you were 16!"
It was now my turn to be shocked, "16?! You all thought I was 16??"
One of the waiters turned to me and laughed, "Well I thought you were 15 actually, but yea, we all thought you were still in high school at least."
I couldn't believe what I was hearing! People have always assumed I was younger than my actual age, but it's never been more than 3 or 4 years. I have never gotten 7 years younger before. I can't quite decide if this is a compliment to my obviously young looks, or if I should be upset that my actions pass me off a 16 year old. I suppose I could start acting older? How does one do that exactly?? Perhaps I should start spouting off poetry, or scientific theories to show I actually deserve this college degree. Or perhaps I should bring up politics every day, show them I am interested in what is going on in America's political world. Up till now, I have pretty much kept to myself. I say hello, we exchange pleasantries, and then I keep going with my work. Perhaps they saw this as being shy, which is a trait of younger people, when in reality I have no desire to make friends since I am leaving in 6 weeks. I am not sure what it was that passed me off as a 16 year old, but I'm sure it wasn't just my looks. My actions and behaviors had to have had something to do with it.
I feel like the Blink 182 song, "What's my age again?" How are you supposed to act at 23?? There should be some sort of rule book of what is allowed and what isn't; you are too young to act like an actual adult, and too old to act like a young adult. 23 is in the middle of age limbo, you are there until you figure out how to act like an adult. The only problem is no one actually knows you are in age limbo, they automatically assume what age you are based on your looks and their first impression of you and just go with it. I am not a child, but I am definitely not a full fledged adult either. I think I'm just going to start handing out my resume to everyone I meet and say "See, I have done quite a lot of impressive things in my life, including getting my college degree, so there!" Yea, I think that'll work...
Ok, I'm ready to go to Utah it August yet???

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