Saturday, June 25, 2011


So here's the dealio...
    As I said before, I work at a very nice restaurant in town as the hostess. It has taken a while to learn everything I should know about the job, but I think I am finally getting it...knock on wood. Last night I was tested to see if I really knew everything - a new hostess was hired, and it was my job to train her. I wasn't sure how training usually goes, so I just had her follow me around all night as I did my normal jobs. She works as a hostess at another restaurant, so she was a quick study, and even helped me with some walk-ins last night!
    In other news, my foot is slowly getting better - I can now walk without the boot without it hurting!! However, I have to keep the boot on days when I have physical therapy, my ankle is quite painful after each visit. But the swelling has gone down dramatically around the fracture, and hopefully it will be officially healed within a couple weeks! I truly hope it is, this boot has gone from annoying to frustrating.

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