Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just call me Julia Child...

   Yesterday was my first day off from work, and it was just wonderful! I dropped Madeline off at her first day of third grade with Hannele, and got memberships to a gym (yay!) and Costco. After, I got to see a friend of mine from Wilmington, Hailey, who just happened to move to Salt Lake City as well! We went to lunch at a really cute, little restaurant, went to see Green Lantern at the dollar theater, and then got messages at Massage Envy (I have a membership and had some extra massages saved up over the past couple months). After the massages, I dropped Hailey off at her apartment and headed back to the house. One of Madeline's friends, and her family came over and made us dinner. It was a really fun night!

   Today was my first day cooking dinner. I was a little nervous at first, but as soon as I began, I had a lot of fun! Tonight I made spaghetti with a squash/zucchini/garlic/tomato sauce. All of the vegetables were grown in Sue's garden, and they were absolutely delicious in the sauce! I was really pleased with how dinner turned out, and am very excited to cook again!!


Hannele is on the far left, Madeline (her daughter) is 
           in the middle, and Kenzi (Madeline's friend) is on the far right J

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