Friday, August 12, 2011

Off to Utah!!!

Today Angela and I started our trek across the country. It was hard to leave home knowing I won't be back for a while, but I am very excited about the adventure that is to come! Today we passed through five states: North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and we ended our trip in St. Louis, Missouri. Although I can't ever see myself living in St. Louis, I have enjoyed exploring this city. One interesting fact, Panera Bread was actually founded in St. Louis. This information would've come in handy earlier this evening when Angela and I were searching for a Panera Bread. It turns out, all of the Panera Breads in St. Louis are named The St. Louis Bread Company. We happened upon this information after finally giving up and stopping at a burger joint, which was coincidentally connected to a St. Louis Bread Company, it was then that we realized our mishap. Below are some pictures from the trip so far, more will be added as the trip continues!!!

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  1. How were the award winning gizzards? Miss you guys! :) Love!