Saturday, August 13, 2011

Utah Trip Pt. 2 - St. Louis, Missouri to Denver, Colorado

Today's trip seem to be a lot faster than yesterday's, but twice as boring (thank you Kansas). I took the first shift of driving this morning, driving 4 hours from St. Louis to Kansas City, Missouri. I was very surprised and excited that I was  able to make it 4 hours with my ankle; hopefully this means my ankle will be completely healed soon! The drive became almost unbearable once we hit Kansas - I'm sure Kansas has some very nice and interesting places to visit, but that has got to be the most boring state in America. By the time we made it to the other side of Kansas, Angela and I were both a bit loopy and finding EVERYTHING funny. Tomorrow we have another 8 hours to go before we get to Provo, but we are FINALLY done with this cross-country drive tomorrow!!! Time for pictures, and some much needed sleep :)

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